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Challenging Perceptions: The International Day for Street Children, 12/04

Twenty years ago, Toybox was set up in Guatemala as a response to the injustice faced by street children in Latin America, which was seen in the 1992 BBC ‘Everyman’ documentary - “They shoot children, don’t they?”.   Today, 20 years on, our passion to change the world for street children is stronger than ever, with Toybox now working in five countries across Latin America. 

Thursday 12th April is International Day for Street Children.  As part of our efforts to get more people talking about the plight of street children, we have joined with the Consortium for Street Children to celebrate this day.  The day provides a platform for millions of street children around the world – and their champions – to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored.   On the back of the first International Day for Street Children, in 2011, the United Nations commissioned a report into street children, in order for governments to be better able to protect and promote child rights. This report was presented to the March 2012 session of the Human Rights Council and many important decision makers are joining together to support this cause.

This year the theme for The International Day is ‘challenging perceptions’, encouraging people to question what they think they know about street children.  On the day, street children across the globe will join in the celebration, speaking out about the issues that affect them. These children do know their rights but are powerless to do anything when their rights are violated. Governments and society are being asked to join together on 12th April and stand up for the rights of street children.

To challenge your perceptions on street children, read about some common myths.

Visit to find out more and to ADD YOUR VOICE to stand up for the rights of street children.  Your voices and support will be shared at a United Nations meeting in June, so please do make your voice heard today!

Click here to read the Guardian's article - 'Being a street child is not a crime' and see the list of some of those who have already pledged their support, including our CEO Andy Stockbridge.

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