All I want is a name

They have no birth certificate and no official identity – they are known simply as 'the XXX children'. They are prey to the most unspeakable exploitation.

In Guatemala it’s estimated over 700,000 children don’t have a birth certificate and it's a highly dangerous place to live for unregistered children.

The XXX children are not recognised by the official statistics and are therefore not protected by the state. This means they can be used, neglected and abused by gangs and criminals. They are at risk of being trafficked or forced into slavery. Or they can simply disappear, and no one would ever know.

Getting a birth certificate is something most street children can only ever dream of. The costs are so far beyond their reach. But with your support, we can show a street child that amazing things can, and do, happen.

£32 will register one street child.

Give a birth certificate

Without a birth certificate a child cannot:

No matter how they try, they will always be on the outside of society.

In Guatemala a birth certificate costs £1 and a child can be registered with just a fingerprint. But...

On average, we estimate it costs upwards of £32 to register a child. In a country where many people live on less than £1 a day it is obvious why so few street children ever expect to get one.

Help us register a child

With our partner we have registered over 2000 children. With your support they can register many more.

“A birth certificate is a matter of life and death. It’s a key that opens the door to rights and benefits of citizenship” Desmond Tutu