Street children are abused, broken and ignored. Help us rescue them.

Support a Child Ambassador

A personal connection with one child who opens the gate to many more unnamed, unseen and unwanted street children who desperately need our help – today.

Support a child ambassador

Here is an example of the type of work we have funded.

Increase in sexual violence in Bolivia

Toybox is horrified at the news that Bolivia is experiencing a significant increase in sexual abuse of its young girls – with one child as young as 4 years old being raped... read more

A new truce for the gangs of El Salvador?

Hardly six months since El Salvador’s Police Chief, Rigoberto Pleites, announced that he considered the previous two year old peace truce between two rival gangs in the country to... read more

Latin American children crossing the Mexican border

Toybox has been monitoring what President Obama has referred to as the ‘humanitarian crisis’ of huge numbers of unaccompanied children making the treacherous journey across... read more

How we use our funds

84p in every pound given goes directly to our charitable activities based around our work with street children.

84% of our income is spent on direct activities designed to support and deliver our work with street children
15% of our income is spent on raising the next £1. This allows us to reach more and more street children in need of our help
1% of our income is spent on governance and management to ensure we work as efficiently and effectively as possible