Toybox - Changing the world for street children

Street children are prey to the most horrific abuse. They have no birth certificate and no official identity – they are known simply as 'the XXX children'.

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Children in Guatemala must have a birth certificate

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All I want for Christmas is a name

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A personal connection with one child who opens the gate to many more unnamed, unseen and unwanted street children who desperately need our help – today.

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Toybox & One Black Button

Toybox has been chosen as Ambient’s charity partner for their Christmas fundraising campaign ‘One Black Button’. This unique fundraiser starts with a single black coat button which is then traded for an item of greater value. This trading up continues for a few weeks with the final item becoming a charitable donation from Ambient to support Toybox’s work providing street children with their birth certificates.

The black button seems like it has no value – but with some goodwill, generosity and a lot of fun it can be traded up for something of much more valuable. Similarly a birth certificate may seem like a small, simple piece of paper of little value but actually, it will change the world for the child who receives it.

See the One Black Button trade and get involved.